Wednesday, June 29, 2011

2 Days and Counting

We are on our final countdown for departure on Friday. Most of the boxes are packed with supplies. Each year I tell myself we won't need to take as many supplies, thus boxes. I am amazed at how quickly 50 pounds adds up when I am packing. For those of us departing from Houston, I am up to 17 boxes! Not sure what the group from Monahans will have. It is always a challenge to breeze through the Ugandan customs with so many boxes, not including our personal bags. God has always provided an understanding agent who understands our mission and lets us pass on through. Say a special prayer Saturday night when you go to bed, that we will find favor with the customs officers.
My motto for all my trips is "Be Flexible". Every year as we plan our activities on U.S. schedules, we always have to adjust for Ugandan time and changes they routinely make. This year my "flexibility" came into play last Saturday when we were informed the children and some of the teachers would be involved in Music Competitions on the last day of our training. Thanks to Mary, she calmed me down and reworked the schedule with little interruption to our plans. It looks like we will be able to attend and cheer on our kids as they perform and still accomplish our goal of holding the teacher conference and other activities. We all are looking forward to this event.
Every year I am reminded that we are to listen and follow God's plan for our trip and not mine. I am hard headed and slow to learn this lesson. But each year, God works in wonderful ways I had not ever imagined and this year I can't wait to see what He has in store for our team. Please keep us in your prayers. We will be on many airplanes, traveling in not so comfortable vans on not so good roads. Pray for traveling safety, no illnesses, many opportunities to share God's love and a newfound love for the people of Uganda. You, our supporters and prayer partners, are as much a part of this team as we are and we could not do what we will do without you.
Once we arrive in Uganda, Glenna Applewhite will be writing the blog updates. I think you will enjoy them much more than my rambling.

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  1. So glad to share the joy, spiritual energy, and exciting enthusiasm of the team flying out of Houston. I had the terrific opportunity to meet Derrick Flack and his son Brodie. Brodie proudly had his guitar over his shoulder and was ready to engage us all in a sing along! Also met Bonita Fyke and like my wife, Gay, she is returning for her second trip to Lulwanda. She is looking forward to seeing all of the changes since it has been three years since her last trip. Kathy was the last to arrive - cool, calm, collected, and ready to go! And of course, Mary and Gay were jumping up and down like giddy teenagers cheering everyone on! The enthusiasm of all is contagious! I told Mike to keep his smile going so all obstacles become opportunities - he smiled and laughed as he shepherded the team through the security maze! They are being guided by God and the power of hundreds of prayers! Steve