Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday America

Day 2—July 4th. Happy Birthday America

Rain is more than wonderful! Thunder, lightening and a shower greeted us this afternoon as we worked to make plans for our workshops and teaching tomorrow. We are so thankful for the leaderships of the Holy Spirit for this team for the preparations, for the travel safety, and for the wonderful cool weather we had today as we unboxed and sorted the mountains of dresses, shorts, shirts, teddy bears, school supplies, and teacher supplies for the school. We are so blessed to be able to work with the amazing teachers and staff at the Lulwanda Children’s Home. We have too many blessings and stories to tell for a blog. We need a novel already to tell the whole story. We have a group of young adults with an organization called Global Journey. They are a big help and have jumped right in to assist us.

As is always the case in Uganda, we have had a schedule change already. We are not attending the music competition as it has been moved again. We are sad not to get to see this event but we are equally glad to have the time to put back into the schedule. We are entering tomorrow with a new sense of purpose and spirit that come from change. We have learned to be very flexible not a trait always valued in our homes and cultures.

There are always problems to be solved, there are always issues to be dealt with daily, and there are always problems to overcome but as in all things we look to God for His leadership and for His will to be done in the lives of these children, these teachers, and these adults. Our mission is to do the will of God leaving the results to Him and giving the praise to Him.

Tonight as we began our evening meal, Mike asked who would like to pray. The young lady, Ester, who was our server tonight, asked might she lead us in prayer. We were delighted with both her boldness and her voice to God on our behalf. This was such a blessing to us and for us to be able to fellowship with her sharing communion at the throne of grace.

Here are some first impressions from the newbies on the trip. Valarie—“It is overwhelming. There is such a huge need but we do make a difference.” Kathy-- “What has been done is such a short time is amazing.” Charles—“The people are so impressive. There is such involvement in the lives of the children.” Kathy—“It is wonderful that we are teaching life skills that will be of real benefit to us. The children must be very happy. They are heard singing and you don’t sing if you aren’t happy.” Brodie—“It is enough for them to be happy.”

(Charles Inman) – The smiles of the children and staff at Lulwanda Children’s Home were the highlight of my day! They were so loving and we enjoyed hearing the children prepare for their music contest next week. The challenge of the day was the ride from Mbale to Lulwanda Children’s home over a road with many potholes and usually enough paving for one car. Many times we were passing a person walking, someone else on a motorcycle riding beside them and our van, all three abreast each trying to miss the potholes!


  1. Thanks for sharing again - i anxiously check several times during the day for your daily postings! Clearly you have a sensational spiritual collaboration going on, and all of us back in the USA are sending our prayers and well wishes as you continue to do Great Witnessing!

  2. Thank you for updating the blog! So glad you all made it there safely. Chris and I will be praying for your safety and the Holy Spirit's moving in your lives and the lives of the people you are ministering with and to!

    Chris and Holly Smith
    (Charles Inman's Son-in-law and Daughter)

  3. "It is enough for them to be happy" Thanks Brodie I needed to hear that. I am crying......AGAIN:) Love you all.