Friday, July 8, 2011

Last Day At Lulwanda

July 8, 2011—Last Day at Lulwanda Children’s Home and Lulwanda Primary School

Our time has gone so fast and our blessings are multiplied beyond our wildest dreams. We are meeting tonight at the hotel for the final time here in Mbale. Here is a run-down of the very full day’s events.

Mike, Marc, JW, Derrick, and Brodie spent the morning moving the race track so that more students could see. All the boys had cars ready to go although some suffered wreckage just like at NASCAR. Wheels often came off and the cars came to a wobbly finish at the bottom of the track. The crowd control was a major concern that prompted the move to a more suitable location. A metal bookcase from the container acted as the starting line with a fifty five-gallon barrel supporting the middle of the track. Rough sawn boards supported the track that was made out of PVC that Mike ordered for the occasion.

The race took place as the last event of the day so it was warm. All the students observed but the boys were most involved. The race pitted 2 boys against each other with time and distance both recorded. Needless to say the competition was fierce and the winner was Sisto from P3. Congratulations to Sisto.

Gay continued to create the culinary delights making s’mores. As I stated last night cooking in the home’s kitchen is not like the standard well-equipped kitchens of America. She spent part of the day making a list for the kitchen shower we are planning. Nut grinders, wooden spoons, large utensils and pans not the size of washtubs are on the list along with cup towels, dishcloths, and scouring pads. There was a volcano of marshmallow cream oozing out of the jars and lots of sticky fingers. She left the home this afternoon with instructions that the kids were to eat the dessert tonight. Mission accomplished.

Kathie Hartzog made a million steps this week. She also made a million pictures. We hope to benefit from her expertise with that camera. I personally saw a picture she took of a beautiful African sunset that will be wonderful framed!

Kathy Inman and Bonita did a beautiful job of setting up the Teacher Appreciation Tea for the Lulwanda staff. The tables were covered with colorful cloths and had paper flower centerpieces. We presented gift bags with all the goodies that all teachers I have ever met like to have. Of all the items we brought, the staff and teachers were most appreciative of the Bibles that we included in the gift bag.

Charles completed the weeks Bible study and devotion with the staff and the students. We experienced such joy to see adults and children alike taking time in the day to stop and listen to the still small voice of God.

Valerie, Kathy, and Bonita also set up the library as a clothing store for both the boys and the girls. We gave out many dresses made by the wonderful seamstresses across the state of Texas and throughout the nation. The boys benefitted from the projects completed by the sewing lab of the Monahans High School. They completed over 150 dresses and shorts for the children at Lulwanda and Lira. They also sent a scrape book with pictures that we were able to show the children.

This year we also brought dresses for the wonderful house mamas, cooks, laundry ladies, and other staff members who are such a support for the children of the home. They were so excited that they broke into dance and tribal yells laughing and twirling around in the yard. What a joy that lies down in our hearts tonight for the joy that is in theirs, for the kisses and the expressions of “thank you” whispered close in our ears.

Tomorrow we leave for Lira secure in the knowledge that we have given a small portion back to the Lord who has given everything for us. Pray as we minister to the church there and to its members. Pray as we seek to do God’s will always.

If you would like to sponsor a child at the Lulwanda home, please go to the Grace International website at to get information concerning this need. Each child needs about 4 sponsors in a year who contribute monthly to the daily upkeep of these precious children.

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  1. Once again, I enjoyed reviewing the adventures of the day. I used my creative visualization to imagine the exciting thrill of the races, the creative kitchen activities of Mama Gay, the thrill of the teachers, staff and children receiving the special gifts!
    Looking forward to seeing photos and videos. Wish they were on YouTube now.
    Have a great trip to Lira - travel safe and sound! Steve