Monday, July 11, 2011

And God Created

July 11, 2011—“and God created….”

Traveling over the world all of us have always loved every type of landscape and seascape from Alaska to the Pacific Ocean, to Canada, to Europe, and all over the United States, but never have I personally seen any more beautiful creation of God than a trip across the Ugandan plains resplendent with animal life and with a trip down the Nile River. We have seen today crocodiles, hippos, elephants, giraffes, monkeys, countless numbers of antelope and deer, large and small birds, and three lionesses resting after a meal. What a mighty God who created the universe, the earth, and all we see. The Nile River wanders over the plain, silvery and bright with a smooth glassy surface. We were amazed at the number of hippos sleeping in the water. Small crocs lay sunning on the shore and later we encountered larger ones that slid into the water as we motored down the river.

The quote of the day was from Brodie upon seeing elephants and giraffes, “This is way better than a zoo.” I would say this is definitely understated. There are no metal fences nor glass partitions between us and these animals. We stood up and peered out the windows of the van at three lions just feet away from us. They yawned, eyed us, and pretty much ignored us. We discovered later a kill remains that looked pretty fresh. Maybe that is why they ignored us.

Here is a rundown of the comments and events as we traveled…..

Kathie now has a picture count approaching several thousand.

Marc and Kathy are running her a close race. Charles and Kathy passed the camera

Marc also got very excited when he misunderstood the driver who said that he would have to pay a fine of 150.00 for not returning on time. Marc thought he said we had to pay or get out of the van. We were in the lion den at that time!

Brodie and Derrick want everyone to know that ALL IS PLUGGED and WELL.

J.W. spotted a drilling rig on the African horizon and wanted the driver to “STOP”, leave the animals, and go see the drilling rig. He was ready to abandon ship to go to the oil field.

Valerie said it was awesome.

Mike was the scout for his van acting as the lion lookout. He stood at the top window the whole time. It was a three-hour tour but luckily we did not get lost! The drivers did a great job getting us into position to get lots of great views and shots with the cameras.

Marc survived a whiplash incident. He got a massage to help see him through the trip home.
Gay is just glad she did not have to cook today.

Bonita wants to say she is just in awe of God’s majesty on this safari.

Beginning our long trek home starts tomorrow. We don’t look forward to the airplane ride but we do look forward to seeing you all soon.

Good Night.


  1. Some day I would love to do a Ugandan safari! Sounds like you had an awesome trip. Prayers for a safe and uneventful trip home. Well done!

  2. I am crying AGAIN! I had pretty much stopped mid week but am back to wanting to be there. Actually I wanted to be out with you all in Lira where help is REALLY needed. I think we should just all move there. Have a safe trip home and let's start planning next trip...... With me!

  3. Glenna - terrific travel log! Gay had called me shortly after you returned from the adventure describing what all you saw, and even how she could help us plan a trip to the area with a group of Lamar professors and their families! I returned to my meeting and shared the wildlife stories and all agreed, "this is way cooler than the zoo!" This might be a great way to get more folks hooked on traveling to Uganda.
    We are looking forward to the hundreds of photos and videos! Wishing you all safe and happy travels as you begin the journey back to the USA.

  4. So wonderful to hear of the worship in Lira. How blessed are those who bring Good News! Praying for your safety and some rest and relaxation on the way home. We all miss you. Love from Texas.