Monday, July 11, 2011

God's Beauty

Sunday-July 10
God’s Beauty

The official blogger (Glenna) took the Sabbath off, so Mike is tonight’s blogger.

What a day we have had today. I have said every year, “there is nothing like having church in Uganda.” The Ugandan people know how to worship. Singing, dancing, praying, more singing and dancing, it is evident these people love the Lord. Lira church is different than any other Ugandan church I have attended in that it try’s to run on schedule. This is unheard of in most of Uganda. After singing and dancing for 45 minutes, the pastor divided the groups for Sunday School and said to be back for the sermon in 30 minutes. Sure enough, in 30 minutes he came out and said it was time to continue the service. The Sunday School time was great as always. Brodie lead the children in singing a Ugandan song he learned only 2 days ago. We continue to call him our child prodigy. Mary stepped in for the still ill Kathie Hartzog and had the children reenact Moses crossing the Red Sea with the children acting like Moses, the Hebrews and the Red Sea. It was wonderful. Valerie and Kathy I. took the other half and taught another story. Marc and J.W. taught the men while Glenna and Bonita taught the women. We then went back for more singing and Charles presenting the sermon. He did a wonderful job and the church was the quietest I had heard it in 2 days. (FBC Monahans will enjoy this tidbit: even in Uganda, J.W. still falls asleep during Charles’ sermon)

After a quick (in Ugandan time) lunch, we left and headed to Murchison Falls National Park where we will spend a day observing God’s magnificent beauty. We traveled from what reminded me of the Texas Hill Country into beautiful plains. Words cannot explain the beauty we saw on our drive today. Upon entering the park we immediately saw antelope, hartebeast, wart hogs, giraffes and elephants. We arrived at our hotel to observe some much needed rest. Tomorrow we will take a boat ride on the Nile river and a guided safari ride to see more animals. This is a special treat for our team after a long hard week of ministering.

We thank you for your prayers for Kathy H. She is feeling much better and will be back to normal tomorrow. Gay also suffered some heat exhaustion and stayed back from church. She also is recovering. Tonight we ask for special prayer for Brodie. Seems he has gotten a bug, but has begun antibiotics. I will embaress him if I say what the Ugandan’s call his bug, so I will leave it at that.

Thank you for all your prayers. Bonita said today, it is evident our churches are praying for us because you can sense the Holy Spirit protecting us.

Until tomorrow, good night.

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  1. Mike - thanks forngiving Glenna a respite. Even Superintendents need a day of rest, although from the description of the Lira church, there was little rest, and lots of joyful noises and immense energies!

    We will keep Brody, Gay and Kathy is our recovery prayers! Wishing you all a sensational adventure to the Falls and wildlife reserve.