Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Last Night in Africa

July 12, 2011—Last Night in Africa

Today began with an early breakfast in the Paraa Safari Lodge. We were loaded up and at the ferry by 7:00 a.m. During our trip across the Nile River we observed the sun rise over the silvery water. Hippos slept near the ferry dock and a female waterbuck and two young grazed placidly near by. What a glorious day to start our journey home! Here are some of the events and blessings we encountered today.

Our greatest blessing has been the cool African weather. It may be hot in the daytime, but in the shade of the beautiful trees is it cool with a little breeze. Mornings were cool and nights were much like those on the plains of Texas. We slept last night with the patio door open and under the netting and a fan; we were just fine.

Valerie was concerned about the inordinate number of bats that roosted in the eaves of the open halls. Her concern was that Marc could not hear them and Glenna could not see them. Together, Marc and I, make only a single person!

Our trip to Kampala included shopping at a local market and a special visit to 6 kids from Lulwanda who are studying at a local secondary school. They have grown so much and are becoming such ladies and gentlemen. Ida spoke tonight of the places they came from, so little and so forlorn. Lulwanda and its partners have done a great work of God and seen a true miracle of God with these students. We supplied them with books and school supplies. We visited a while under a great tree on the grounds. Bonita had the very special privilege of meeting face to face a child she sponsors.

Bonita was thrilled to finally be able to meet a beautiful young lady she sponsors at the St. Marks Secondary School in Kampala. What an awesome school it is and God is doing a wonderful work in those young lives.

Gay’s final word for the day is “It is well with my soul.”

Bouncing along today through Kampala in light to moderate rush hour traffic as only Kampala can have, made us appreciate the US interstate system.

Valerie said that she never dreamed of the squatty potties and the open showers, but she did find out that she really is a teacher.

Brodie told us of dreaming about the trip before. He said that he just knew he had seen and felt these places before.

Everyone wagged a shopping bag back to the vans after the market. Friends never let friends shop alone! BUT we need to definitely rethink our packing. We are carrying home an elephant.

Marc still has that crick. I am still waking up with a jerk, Bonita.

Charles and Kathy did grandbaby shopping.

Kathie H. also bought goodies for grandchildren.

Derrick tried to enroll Brodie in the St. Marks School as we visited there. Brodie finally thought that might not be a bad idea to stay at Lulwanda or Covenant, but it was too late to turn back and he needed more clothes anyway. (Mama Ida though said he could stay with her.)

J.W. challenged us last night to look to the mission field as one of involvement not just giving money for someone else to go. Thanks to him for his example.

Mike and Mary are just marvelous. Mike is a rock and at least for today, Mary is a falling star. She took a spill at the school but recovered as always. Their singular heart and spirit for the Lord’s work here with these children makes all of us marvel of the wonderful grace of Jesus. All of us must meet him in faith and Mike and Mary live the faith for the people of Uganda and for us every day. Thank you to them.

To our prayer warriors out there, to Ida and our fearless drivers, Jimmy and Moses, to the people of Uganda….Goodnight until next time.

God be with us till we meet again.


  1. Glenna, thank you so much for your reporting during this trip! I beamed with pride just now as I read your comments about my parents (Mike and Mary) and grandfather (JW) you are spot on! I am so blessed to have grown up with such incredible examples of how to live out one's faith! Praying for safe travels for you all in the upcoming days!

  2. Thank you for blogging during the trip! I enjoyed reading everyday. So glad about Dad and Kathy's grandbaby shopping! :)

    Holly (Inman) Smith

  3. Once again, your commentary sends strong messagesn- looking forward to home, but knowing so much remains to be done! And by seeing the young Lulwanda graduates you see the fruit of your nurturing spirits! You are making a difference and prayer warriors are proud! Know we have you in our continued thoughts and prayers!

  4. We have loved reading your blogs and have relived our own trips to Uganda & our precious children at Lulwanda. It is so encouraging to see the growth & outreach to the teachers.
    We will pray for safe travel home & restoration of tired bodies. God bless you all.
    Pat Alderfer

  5. Safe travels to you all. Rest for body and soul when you return. Kathie H. can't wait to see your photos! Peace and plenty - Denise